Mike Rice: Farewell Stand Up Comedy Show

Mike Rice: Farewell Stand Up Comedy Show

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Mike Rice: Farewell Stand Up Comedy Show

Mike Rice: Farewell Stand Up Comedy Show

The Comedy Clubhouse (Pub Limerick). Carrer de Bruc, 55, 08009. Barcelona. Mapa ikusi

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After a chaotic year Irish Stand-up Comedian Mike Rice is Leaving Barcelona, and for one last time is performing his hilarious and wild hour show
Unapologetically honest and hilarious, this show is not for the easily offended. If you like silly, dark and mischievous storytelling that examines, sex, relationships, break ups, happiness, and being Irish this show is for you.
Saturday, 7th of August 2021 - doors 6:30 PM / show 7:00 PM (Sunday Show Doors 9pm/Show 9:15)
at The Comedy Clubhouse
Carrer del Bruc, 55, 08009 Barcelona, Spain
10 euro Entry
RESERVE TICKETS HERE - https://linktr.ee/TheComedyClubhouse
The show will be held entirely in English, will be held indoors and follow current social distancing guidelines. Therefore, we are only able to have a limited number of tickets. Please reserve a seat in advance.

Mike Rice
Before the pandemic Mike regularly headlined clubs around Ireland and Europe including City Limits (Cork), The International (Dublin), and The Comedy Crunch (Dublin). Mike has performed stand-up comedy twice on Irish National television (RTE) as Part of ‘The Ray Darcy Show’ (Dec 2019) and ‘Laughter in the Eyre’ (Feb 2020), and has featured several times on RTE Radio 1’s Ray Darcy Show. Mike brought two separate solo shows to the Edinburgh fringe festival in 2018, and 2019, and the Perth Fringe Festival in 2019, and 2020.
He have a successful podcast called “The Mike Rice Show” which has been existence since November 2019, and is regularly ranked on the Irish and UK podcast charts

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Iritzia balioztatuta2021/08/29 egunean joan zen
Really good comedy, much higher level than any other stand-ups I've seen in Barcelona
Iritzia balioztatuta2021/08/29 egunean joan zen
My face hurt from laughing
Hilarious! Great way to end the weekend, very funny set and well worth the ticket price :)
Iritzia balioztatuta2021/08/8 egunean joan zen
The lad’s just brilliant.



John Allis

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